IDHV Board of Directors

President: Tara Pichette
Tara is the mother of two children, her older child with hearing loss. 

Vice President:  Gretchen Fors
Gretchen Fors, a native Boisean, is the mother of 5 children - Gretta (10), Eliza (7), Carli (3) and John/William (2 year old twins.) Gretta and Carli were both born with moderate to severe bilateral hearing loss. While living in Michigan, she actively participated in the local Michigan Hands & Voices program and learned a ton about how to be an advocate for her children's hearing needs. She loves living in Southeast Boise and living near the Greenbelt.

Secretary:  Lorna Irwin
Lorna is nearly a  founding member of Idaho Hands & Voices and has held various positions on the board of Directors.  Her daughter was born deaf more than 30 years ago, and identified at 15 months of age.  Some aspects of raising a deaf child have changed in the last three decades, and others remain very much the same—language and communication access are paramount, and don’t forget the stuff between the ears!

Parent of a Child with Unilateral Loss:  
Erica Jensen
Erica is the mother of a toddler with unilateral microtia and atresia (he has an underdeveloped ear and no canal). He has total hearing loss in his little ear and full hearing in his other ear. He has a bone-anchored hearing aid (BAHA) on a softband. Erica and her husband signed basic words with him when he was younger and enjoyed learning signs along with their son. Signing was a huge help to them, and him, as he developed his verbal language skills. He is now communicating verbally. Erica works as a writer, editor, and communications professional when she’s not having fun with her son and husband or chasing around their ill-mannered golden retriever.

Parent of a Child with Bilateral Loss:
Caitlin Ladd
Caitlin Ladd is the mother of two. Her older child, Landon, was born hearing and became deaf somewhere between 6 and 14 months of age. Caitlin recognized something wasn't right immediately and started learning and teaching Landon ASL until his official diagnosis of profound sensorineural hearing loss at 19 months old in September 2012. No less than 2 months later he had his first cochlear implant surgery and became bilateral in the months following. Landon is now almost 5 and has a love for ASL, so Caitlin and her husband are supporting Landon’s language with both spoken and sign language.

Professional:  Emily Donaldson
Emily has been in the field of Deaf Education since 2000, wearing several hats on her professional journey as an itinerant teacher, sign language interpreter, activities director, ASL instructor, consultant and preschool teacher.  She has been blessed watching children with hearing loss grow into learners over the years and looks forward to the years to come.  She is forever grateful for the opportunity to serve as a teacher and advocate, with the hopes of igniting a passion to communicate, read, and most importantly, learn, in all children.

Currently  seeking representatives from the following categories:
  • Early Intervention Professional
  • Deaf Adult


IDHV Board of Directors is comprised of up to 15 members who serve a two year term. At least 50% of the Bord of Directors are parents of children with hearing loss. The entire Board of Directors consists of:
  • Parent members
  • Professional members
  • Community members/adults who are deaf and hard of hearing

Hands & Voices is looking for families, professionals, and consumers from around the state of Idaho to serve on the Board of Directors. Read more about how to become a board member HERE.