Board Member

Hands & Voices is looking for families, professionals, and consumers from around the state to serve on our board. Your application will be considered and voted upon by current IDHV board members. You will be notified in writing of your acceptance to a two-year term. We are asking for a commitment from those wishing to serve as board members to minimally include:

  1. You understand and adhere to our mission statement: “Hands and Voices is dedicated to supporting families with children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing without a bias towards communication modes or methodology. We’re a parent-driven, non-profit organization providing families with the resources, networks, and information they need to improve communication access and educational outcomes for their children. Our outreach activities, parent/professional collaboration, and advocacy efforts are focused on enabling Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing children to reach their highest potential.”

  2. You can support communication choices made by individuals and families that are different from your own personal belief system, and you will not allow bias to interfere with your function and participation on this Board.

  3. You will regularly attend scheduled Hands & Voices Board meetings. If you are unable to attend, you will contact the Board President. (We try for quarterly meetings, either in person or via email.)

  4. You will participate on subcommittees, at least one per year as needed. Subcommittees could include advocacy, resource guide committee, public awareness/advertising, finance, grant writing/search, others, as needed.

Hands & Voices depends on the continuing support of parents and professionals, and we value greatly your input to this organization.
Board Member Application

Fill out the board member application and return it to:

Idaho H&V
PO Box 9617
Boise ID 83707

or scan and email it to: